Tryouts For Sparta Tacoma

Are you ready be one of us?

Our premier level tryouts are around the corner!
Registration for 2024-2025 is OPEN!

All players must try-out on age and according to their birth year as a starting point.

Players must attend all assigned dates. $5 Registration Fee

Check out schedules below.

See you soon!

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Sparta Tacoma Tryouts FAQ's

My son or daughter participated in Sparta Tacoma this year/a previous year. Do they need to tryout?


What if a tryout is canceled or there is a schedule change?

We will provide communication as quickly as possible via email to the contacts provided on the registration form. For additional communication opportunities, families may consider following us on social media (Facebook and Instagram)

What do families need to do in order to tryout?

All families (including families who have a son or daughter currently in Sparta Tacoma) must complete a registration form prior to trying out. Click here for the registration form. 

How many tryouts dates should my son or daughter attend?

It’s definitely best to attend all tryout dates if possible. The more the coaching staff can observe your son or daughter, the more this will help them evaluate their level relative to other players.

We are interested in trying out for Sparta Tacoma but we have a schedule conflict and are unable to attend. Is there a way to get evaluated on another day?

Possibly. Please contact the Age Group Leader aligned to your son or daughter’s birth year to see if there are additional opportunities to be observed. 

Can my son/daughter try out for a team with a younger or older age group?

With the exception of birth year 2016 players, new families MUST have their son or daughter tryout for the age group that aligns to their birth year (players that are birth year 2016 would attend and try out for birth year 2015 age group). 

Playing on a younger birth year team is not permitted in Sparta Tacoma (due to league rules). Playing on an older birth year team is permitted but rare. 

Initial decisions on whether a player should be considered for selection in an older team are made between the Director of Coaching and respective age group coaches, and then if necessary further communication is provided to the family. 

How can I help my son or daughter most leading up to tryouts?

Additional practice time with the ball can always be helpful! Not creating any unnecessary additional stress in terms of being selected and instead seeing these events as an opportunity to meet new kids and coaches in the club. 

Helping your son/daughter be at their best: 

Enough sleep;

arriving 10-15 minutes prior to the tryout starting;

enough layers;

cleats and shinguards;

more than enough hydration. 

How can I help my son or daughter most during tryouts?

Refraining from any coaching (allowing them to make their own decisions) and making sure to stay off the boundaries of the playing area.

It is not permitted in this club (at all levels) for anyone other than the coaches to be providing any instruction, since this can interfere and slow down the decision making of a player. Encouraging players we have no issues with and always welcome! 

What will my son or daughter do during their tryout?

We look to keep things very simple: lots of scrimmaging in various sized groups. This allows us to observe the players performing more “soccer actions” in which they are communicating, deciding and executing. 

What will the coaches be evaluating?

All of the things that the coaches will be looking for should be very familiar to a player that has been developed in NORTAC Programming:

Ability to manage self; 

Ability to make team-mates better; 

Soccer ability (communicating, deciding, executing).

What will happen after the tryout?

All families should receive (at a minimum) email communication no later than three days after the final tryout date. Some players may be offered “training only” opportunities. 

For age groups with multiple teams, players offered a position in the program will not be  officially assigned a team within the age group until the latest possible moment prior to the fall season beginning (unless the top team is competing in a Regional League). 

This is a very important component of our programming: teams within an age group are fluid throughout the year and are selected based on the competency level of the players at any point. Click here to learning more about how Age Group Leaders will manage age groups with multiple teams during year. 

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