Sparta VS NORTAC Programming

The differences between premier and recreational soccer.

Trying to decide if our recreational soccer program or Sparta Tacoma (our premier soccer program) is a better fit for your child?

Here are a few differences to consider.

NORTAC Programming Sparta Tacoma
Participatory model. Provide a fun and safe soccer experience where kids can develop their skills by “playing the game”. Especially at the younger ages, the Rec club is about team sports, not an intense focus on soccer skills.Developmental model. Designed for players that want to excel in soccer and develop soccer skills and soccer team strategy. They desire professional coaching, to play in a more competitive environment and are committed to a longer season and some travel.
Volunteer board of directors. Paid director of coaching and registrar (shared with  Sparta). Volunteer coaches.Volunteer board of directors. Paid director of coaching, registrar and club manager. Paid professional coaches are hired and evaluated on their ability to develop teams and players.
Washington Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) and Pierce County Soccer (PCS)US Club Soccer and Puget Sound Premier League (PSPL)
Fall Season typically September to November and 8-12 games. Spring and winter season may be offered.Fall and spring season plus summer tournaments and State Cup tournament. A 12-month commitment.
Ages 4 to 19Ages 7 to 19
There are no tryouts or cuts. All players who signup are guaranteed placement on a team.Tryouts are held annually and coaches select players based on their experience, skill level, commitment and attitude. Players may be cut.
Volunteer coaches. We support and invest heavily in the development of our coaches, who are all active members of the community. Every coach receives weekly lesson plans and has access to mentorship from an experienced coach to ensure consistent developmental standards are in place for players and coaches.Paid professional coaches. A lot of time and resources have been invested in building and developing our coaching staff. Seven Sparta coaches currently hold their United Soccer Coaches national license, and we recently added two experienced coaches with prestigious national licenses from US Soccer. Coaches are hired and evaluated on their ability to develop teams and players.
For the 5 and 6-year-old players 1 weekend day for 8 weeks. For U8 and above 1-2 practices per week for 10-12 weeks and 1 game on the weekends (8 weeks).Generally 2 to 3 practices per week and 1 to 2 games on the weekend. 12 months with holiday breaks. Possibility of travel throughout and out of state.
Coaches are required to give equal playing time. Players are guaranteed to play at least 1/2 of every game.Coaches are encouraged to strike a balance between winning and player development. The amount of playing time for each player per game is not guaranteed and the approach can vary from team to team.
All games are near the Tacoma metro area.Travel varies greatly depending on age group and the division the team is playing. Often the amount of travel for the older teams depends on the level of competition being sought by the team.
League costs run $75-$175, depending on age. Players are responsible for the cost of cleats, shin guards. Uniforms are provided for players up to  U11. Players U12 and above purchase their own uniforms.Depending on age and league fees, Sparta Tacoma annual fees range from $900 to $1,750 and can be paid at the beginning of the season, or spread out over 10 monthly payments. Additionally, team fees can vary based on additional tournaments the team decides to participate in and any associated travel costs.
We do not keep score or track wins and losses until our players reach U12 as recommended by the US Soccer Federation.Season wins and lossesare tracked and standings are kept by the league. At tournaments, teams advance further in the tournament based on win/loss record.

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