Fundraising Policies & Guilines

Fundraising Policies & Guilines


North Tacoma Soccer Club (“NORTAC”) recognizes that involvement in premier soccer can present significant (and sometimes unforeseen) costs in the form of player fees, tournament registration costs, and travel expenses. The Club endeavors to assist our members in meeting those financial obligations through fundraising activities. 


The purpose of this “Fundraising Policy and Guidelines” is to ensure that players, team managers, coaches, and parents/guardians understand the Club’s fundraising policy, guidelines, and authorized activities. NORTAC is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and it is vital for the Club to protect its nonprofit status. Any unauthorized fundraising activities could put the Club’s nonprofit status in jeopardy and the Club at risk for any unexpected liable matters.

Team Fundraising Activities

Team Fundraising Activities provide an opportunity for teams to raise funds to help offset team costs such as team-specific equipment, travel costs, or tournament fees that are not paid for by the Club. The critical distinction with Team Fundraising Activities is that any funds raised must be available for use equally to all players and may not benefit any specific player or subset of players. The following process must be followed for all Team Fundraising Activities:

  1. The Team should determine whether the Team Fundraising Activity is pre-approved or whether prior approval is required by the NORTAC Executive Board;
  2. The Team will engage in the Team Fundraising Activity;
  3. The Team Fundraising Coordinator will collect any funds raised and will have funds available for use equally to all team members, or will use them to pay for something that will benefit all team members equally; and
  4. The Team Fundraising Coordinator will keep records of all funds raised and funds disbursed.


Approval of Fundraising Activities

All team fundraising activities that do not appear in these Fundraising Guidelines must be pre-approved by the Board. The Board will endeavor to respond to such requests quickly, but please allow for at least five business (5) days before the fundraising activity will commence for approval. Team fundraisers may not be an event or opportunity the Club is already offering that would be in conflict with existing events or programming (e.g. summer camps/clinics). 


In making the request, a team should include the following:

  1. A short description of the requested fundraising activity;
  2. The purpose or need for the fundraising activity (what will the funds be used for);
  3. Whether the NORTAC or Sparta Tacoma logo will be used in any way; and
  4. Contact information for the Team Fundraising Coordinator.

Usage of Funds Raised

Proceeds of fundraising activities must be used to pay soccer-related expenses such as tournament costs not covered by the Club and travel. Teams may also use fundraising proceeds to plan team bonding activities such as pizza parties or team outings. In no event should any funds raised through Team Fundraising Activities be allocated to the benefit of a single player or a subset of players on the team. All proceeds of Team Fundraising Activities must be available for use equally to all members of the team. The Club is not responsible for managing the collection and disbursement of funds raised.


Exclusivity of Fundraising Activities

A single NORTAC team may not claim “exclusivity” to any fundraising activity. For example, if a team is selling water bottles, a different NORTAC team is not prohibited from also selling the same water bottles. 

Pre-Approved Team Fundraising Activities

Teams that desire to engage in the following fundraising activities do not need to seek prior approval from the Board:

  1. Team car washes 
  2. Team garage or rummage sales
  3. Takeovers in partnership with local restaurants 
  4. Soliciting individual businesses for donations (note that NO sponsorship rights may be granted).


As described in Team Fundraising Activities, all proceeds of Team Fundraising Activities must be available for use equally among all players on the team. In no event should any amounts raised through Team Fundraising Activities be allocated to any specific player or subset of players on the team.

Fundraising Limitations

NORTAC is a youth soccer club, and it desires to support its players, staff and community as well as stay compliant with regulations governing our status as a nonprofit organization. Therefore, the following fundraising activities are not allowed:

  1. The sale of any alcoholic, tobacco, vape or marijuana products
  2. Any calendar featuring photographs of NORTAC players, coaches, or its members
  3. Any “50-50” type of contest or raffles
  4. Any activities involving gambling or any type or games of chance

If a team plans an online “crowdfunding” campaign through GoFundMe, this is allowable if going through the Club’s designated account to ensure funds earned are trackable and dispersed appropriately. This would require approval by the Board and set-up by the Club’s Treasurer. 

If there’s a fundraising activity not listed above or within the pre-approved list, these can be sent to the Board for review and consideration. 

No Assumption of Liability for Fundraising Activities

NORTAC will not assume responsibility for any loss, damages, claims or expenses of any kind whatsoever sustained or incurred by any individual resulting from or related to any fundraising activities, whether approved or unapproved. The Team Fundraising Coordinators are acting as private individuals and shall not represent themselves as delegates of the Board. 

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