Become NORTAC Treasurer!

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NORTAC is looking for a qualified individual to join our volunteer team!!!
If you think you might be a good fit, please email with your resume or apply with link.
Role Needed: Club Treasurer
Required experience:
Minimum 2 yrs prior QuickBooks experience.
Intermediate level Excel knowledge.
Minimum 2 yrs accounting knowledge/experience.
Duties of Club Treasurer:
• Reports directly to the President.
• Responsible for the accounting of all monies and other assets.
• Attend monthly scheduled Board meetings and provide monthly financial report and reporting financial health to the Board.
• Responsible for the disbursement of money.
• Register at the bank as a co-signer of the checking account.
• Review financial statements monthly for revenue and/or expense reclassifications.
• Work with Tournament Director and individual Tournament Committees to ensure entrance fees are paid.
• Communicate with Bookkeeper on processing accounts and payable accounts.
• Preparing and maintaining annual budget.
• Maintaining account receivables such as sponsorship payments and player registration fees.
We look forward to hearing from you!

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