Playing Rules

Mod Academy Playing Rules

Coed U5-U6 Age Group:

  • Players will play 3v3
  • No goalkeepers
  • u5 and u6 players play together
  • 3' wide Pugg Goals
  • 25-minute halves (By agreement of coaches, teams may choose to have 4 x 10 minute quarters)
  • Size 3 Soccer Ball
  • No offside (players shall not be coached to "cherry-pick" in front of opponent's goal)
  • Defenders are not allowed to touch or hold on to the goals. This helps reduce "puppy guarding". This shall not be penalized by a free-kick, but players shall be corrected when it happens
  • **Important*** All restarts (Kickoffs, Goal Kicks, Corners, and Throw-ins) will be replaced by a serve from a coach. Players will return to their half of the field and form a triangle shape before the ball is served
  • There are no free kicks. If a foul occurs, stop the game, reset the teams as described above, and serve the ball to the player who was fouled

Boys and Girls U7-U8 Age Groups:

  • Teams play 4v4
  • No goalkeepers
  • u7 and u8 players play together in separate boys and girls leagues
  • Modified Small Goals (or 3' wide Pugg Goals may be used if small goals are not available)
  • 25-minute halves
  • Size 4 Soccer Ball
  • No offside (players shall not be coached to "cherry-pick" in front of opponent's goal)
  • Players may not touch or hold on to the goals and shall not "Puppy Guard." Coaches shall try to influence this behavior and if this does not work we will make rules to penalize those who do.
  • **Important*** Goal Kicks are taken from the edge of the defending zone (approx. 11 yards from the goal) instead of near the goalmouth. DO NOT ALLOW GOAL KICK TO BE TAKEN FROM THE GOALMOUTH.
  • Also on goal kicks, opposing players should retreat into their half of the field until the ball is kicked.
  • All free kicks are indirect. Players shall not shoot directly at goal on a free kick at the spot where the foul occurred.

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