Mod vs Competitive Soccer

Mod Academy Soccer vs Competitive Soccer

There are deliberate differences.

If you come from an "Old School" coaching background, our approach is might seem alien to you, but I can tell you that following these ideas will result in a much-improved soccer experience for your players and faster development for them as well.

The bottom line is that in order for kids to have the best experience and fastest development possible, coaches need to relate to them on their own level and understand what makes them tick. Instead of teaching them how to drill, we need to learn how to let them play.

Here are some INTENTIONAL, DESIRED differences between little kids soccer (U6-U8) and competitive soccer (Teenage Premier Level, High School, College, etc) that we have adapted from the German Soccer Federation's training manuals:

And while most of us will look at a chart like this and say "this is obvious", the truth is that most of us who have been involved in youth soccer or other sports even for a brief period have run into kid's coaches who focus more on column one and less on column two, even for very young players.


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