Why choose Nortac?

Why choose us?

Unfortunately, quality soccer programs in the US are often reserved for those who are able to pay to play. It is our goal to break the mold and provide a high-quality, highly competitive and more affordable soccer experience for the communities we serve.

Many of our Sparta teams play at the highest level in our state and have brought home several championship wins against well-known, established clubs. We're proving that players can develop and compete at a high level while still having a neighborhood club experience - playing alongside their friends, classmates and neighbors.

Coaching "the Sparta way" sets us apart from other clubs in the area. Our paid professional coaches are hired and evaluated on their ability to develop teams and players - to grow and improve each player's soccer skills - not just recruit and build teams around one or two strong players.


We offer programs that meet the needs of our entire community:

  • With us, players can play from age 4 to 19 with the same club at a variety of competitive levels. Some parks and athletic associations stop at age 10, so kids that want to keep playing must find a new team.
  • We offer the opportunity to play at a level that best fits the player's ability and the parent's level of commitment. Less than 50% of the clubs in the county have a premier program. If you want to try out for a premier team, no need to change clubs. If you want to play on a recreational team, we do that too!
  • Unlike other clubs, we do not require players on premier teams to give up other sports. Being a kid only happens once and we believe that they should have balance in their lives.
  • All of our home games and practices are played in Tacoma. There is no need to commute for quality, highly competitive soccer programming.

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January 23, 2022

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