Open Letter to Volunteers

NorTac believes that all you need to create community is a ball and open space. While this belief is at the heart of our mission, the reality is that high-level, competitive soccer asks more of communities: licensed coaches, turf fields to withstand the NW's wet weather, and affiliation/administrative costs.

NorTac is one of the most affordable options for club soccer in the northwest. Since 1972 we have relied on volunteer leadership, volunteer coaches, and parent participation to keep soccer accessible for everyone in our area. This model has much to offer in addition to lower costs. It also enables a community of people that love the sport and love their neighborhoods to truly impact young athletes.

One challenge to this model is that we retain limited paid staff. Our volunteers are often heroes, splitting time supporting NorTac while balancing exhausting day jobs, their kid's practices, and other civic engagements.

Many hands make light work.

We need you in order provide Tacoma's athletes with the best experience possible. Working together, utilizing our individual strengths, we can make NorTac the model for urban soccer in the US.

If you share our vision for affordable soccer that teaches our kids to be competitive and learn life-long lessons, connect with NorTac today: NorTac is a 501(c)(3) organization. Volunteer hours can be tax-deductible and/or count to high school community service hours.

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

Under guidance of VP, Outreach & Communication:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Grant/Copywriter/Content Creator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographer
  • 2x Game Day Experience Coordinator (for Academy)

Under guidance of 1st Vice President:

  • VP of Programming (Leadership for NorTac Academy & Recreation Leagues)

Under guidance Director of Coaching:

  • Academy U6 Coaches (3v3, co-ed on age-appropriate field size)
  • Academy U8 Coahes (4v4), single-sex teams on age-appropriate field size)