Sparta Tacoma Revised Fee Structure 2020 - 2021 Season

We know there is a lot of uncertainty around the amount of competitive play our teams will be able to participate in during the 2020 - 2021 season and we want to do everything we can as a club to support our families, coaches and volunteers. For that reason, we have revised our registration fee structure to enable families to pay only when their team is active.

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Please review the following details:

Considering that it is a very real possibility that there may be a interruption to the 2020/2021 season, we summarized that portion of the registration that will be refundable, potentially refundable, or not at all refundable. These refund methods would only apply if the season is effected by something similar to the current stay home order.

Not Refundable (15%)
Upfront fees paid and purchases that are immediately sunk cost or associate with full season contracts that covers the expenses below:

Player insurance and player card registration fees
Administration costs

Potentially refundable (10%)
This highly depends on the refunds the club may receive, the club can redistribute for the following fees:

PSPL League Fees
State Cup entry fee

Refundable (75%)
Reasonably feasible because these are "pay as we go" charges

Training fees; coaches' stipend, practice field rentals
Game fees; referees, game day field rentals

Training fees:
Will be invoiced on the 15th of the month if training occurs for your team (standard frequency is 2x/week for Dev and Classic and 3x/week for WPNL).
Your payment will be due by the 15th of the following month.

Competition fees:
These amounts are an estimate as league fees may be reconfigured due to COVID-19.
Credits provided by PSPL for the 2019 season will be deducted from this amount prior to issuing invoices.
If we are able to receive cash refunds from PSPL we will disperse as soon as practicable.
You will be invoiced for the season(s) at the time of league registration with a 30-day due date.

Revised registration:
If you have not registered your child yet please do so by clicking here.