General Information

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Club Background

NorTac was formed in 1972 in Tacoma, WA as a non-profit organization to bring soccer to kids of all ages, ethnic background and economic status. We serve boys and girls from ages four to nineteen through programs that are geared to the player's age and skill level: Micro, Mod, Recreational and Select.

At an early age, teams and fields are small, allowing a focus on soccer basics and having fun. As players progress, the size of the teams and fields increases, and players can choose from recreational or highly competitive play. The level of coaching also varies based on the program. At an early age, volunteers provide a majority of the effort, with help and support from the club. At the other end of the spectrum is the select program where coaches have professional licenses and significant experience. Regardless of the program, however, the focus is always on the enjoyment of the game, allowing kids to grow mentally, physically and socially. Please see the Programs page for more detail on these excellent programs.

Club Organization

For those who are new to youth soccer, the organization can be a bit confusing. While most parents and players just want to kick a ball and have fun, the reality is that there are many things that happen behind the scenes (fields, referees, uniforms, equipment, insurance, clinics, finance, etc.). When everything goes right, these aspects of the game are invisible (as they should be). For those who are curious about the organization of the club, here's a quick overview:

  • The NorTac soccer club has 1,000+ players organized into 90+ teams. There are 18 soccer clubs in Pierce County. NorTac is governed by an Executive Board that adheres to the club By Laws and Constitution.
  • NorTac is part of the Pierce County Soccer Association (PCSA). There is 1 soccer association in Pierce County.
  • PCSA is part of District III of the Washington State Youth Soccer Association (WSYSA). The state is divided into 7 districts.
  • WSYSA is part of national organizations that culminate with the US Soccer Federation, the sponsor for US National teams.
  • NorTac does not own any fields, but works with Tacoma Metro Parks, the Tacoma School District and the Boys and Girls Club to obtain fields.
  • NorTac provides its own referees for games played by younger kids. This is a great opportunity for club players to develop leadership skills and earn some money. For games played by older kids, we use the Pierce County Soccer Referee Association (PSCRA).

Every club in the state has a geographical boundary that dictates where home games are played. Players themselves do not need to live within this boundary. The club's southern boundary is South 19th Street in Tacoma. The north, east and west boundaries are the waters of Puget Sound.

Why Choose NorTac?

If you are considering playing soccer, there are many choices. In addition to the 18 clubs in the county, some of the local park and athletic associations also run soccer programs. All of them are good, but each has their own focus. Here's what NORTAC offers:

  • NorTac's fees are very reasonable when compared with other clubs & parks in the area. While you may be able to find a cheaper fee, you won't find the same value. The NorTac coaches and volunteers have a depth of experience that most local soccer organizations can't match.
  • With NorTac, you can to play from age 4 to 19 with the same club. Some parks and athletic associations stop at age 10, so kids that want to keep playing must find a new team and make new friends.
  • We offer the opportunity to play at a level that best fits the player's ability and the parent's level of commitment. Less than 50% of the clubs in the county have a select program. If you are at NorTac and want to tryout for a select team, no need to change clubs. If you want to play on a recreational team, we do that too!
  • Unlike other clubs, we do not require players on select teams to give up other sports. Being a kid only happens once and we belive that they should have balance in their lives.
  • All of our home games and practices are played in Tacoma. If you live there, you have the opportunity to share the joy of the game without making a long drive for every practice or game.
  • If you are from Tacoma, you can play soccer with your school friends and parents can sit on the sidelines with their neighbors.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are the key to the club's success, and thus, our ability to make a difference with kids. Parents and interested adults can serve as coaches, assistant coaches, team managers, club volunteers or club officers. If you are interested, please contact the club at

NorTac uses the WSYSA Risk Management program to ensure the safety of kids. This program requires most volunteers to complete a background check with the Washington State Patrol.

Program Summary

Overview - NorTac has four soccer programs that allow boys and girls, ages 4-19, to play soccer and develop a love of the game: Micro, Small-Sided, Recreational and Select. These programs allow players to make a natural progression as they grow older and improve their skills. Although many players start out at a young age, kids can join a team at any age - no prior experience is necessary! Detail about each of the programs, as well as registration and fee info are listed below. Each of the programs starts at a different time of the year, so please read the info carefully and check our website regularly for announcements.

Registration & Fees

To be a player on a NorTac team, please use the following process:

1. Register online - select the registration web page. Once a player is registered, they will be placed on a team and will be contacted by the coach. Players must register every year, even if they played on a Nortac team last year. If you have trouble with the on-line registration, please contact the club registrar.

2. Parents must provide the coach with a copy of the player's legal birth certificate or current valid passport. Hospital complimentary birth certificates cannot be used. Coaches will turn in birth certificates for all players on their team. Certificates are not required for players who played on a NorTac team last year - we already have a copy on file. Parents must also provide the coach with a signed medical waiver.

3. The cost to play on a Nortac team is the club registration fee plus any miscellaneous costs as determined by the team coach / manager. The club fee fee depends on the player's age and is listed below:

  • Micro Soccer U5 - U6 - $60
  • Mod Soccer U7 - U10 - $105
  • Mod Soccer U-11 - $120
  • Recreational Soccer U-12 through U-14 - $110
  • Recreational Soccer U15 and above - $140

**Nortac jersey not included in fee for U-12 and above.

Late fee after June 30th.

Registration deadline for players not currently playing with a team or assigned to a team (you know who your coach is) is June 30th. We make our best effort to place all players on teams and create new teams as needed. In order to do so, deadlines must be followed. If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar at

Players that wish to play "up" in an older age group, please register at the correct and then email the registrar advising him of the registration and what age group/gender the player is looking for.

The club fee helps to cover a wide variety of costs such as uniform shirts, field rental and maintenance, equipment (goals, nets, field marking paint, etc.), referees, and insurance. Scholarships of 50% off fees are available. Please contact the registrar for more information.

Shin guards and cleats are mandatory and are provided by the player. NORTAC provides a reversible (red/white) jersey or teams may decide to purchase their own uniforms. Please contact your team coach / manager for this information. Secondary Insurance (for player injuries) is provided by the Washington State Youth Soccer Association (WSYSA) and is included in the fees.

As noted above, players may have to pay addtional cost at the discretion of the team coach / manager. These costs cover items such as:

  • Fees for teams that play in State tournaments
  • Summer tournaments
  • End of season parties