KEITH Beasinger
Sparta Boys 08 Red
Boys 07 Red
Boys 07 White
Life Christian Academy High School Boys

Other Job:
Financial Planner/Advisor

Licenses and Credentials:
USSF D License, CPR & First Aid Certified

How did you get into coaching?
Fall of 1985 my freshman year as a college soccer player a local high school needed a coach so I did it. My degree was in health and phys ed so I always knew I wanted to coach.

Coaching Experience:
*1985-1987 Boys High School Head Coach BJA
*1985-1989Coached Summer Soccer Camps College
*2002-2006 Boys High School Head Coach TBS
*2007-2013 Boys High School Head Coach LCA
*2015 Boys Soccer Head Coach Mt Rainier Lutheran
*2016-2017 Boys High School Head Coach LCA
*2008-2013 Girls Middle School Head Coach LCA
*2008-2014 Girls High School Head Coach LCA
*2002-2003 Head Coach U-11 to U-12 boys UPSC
*2004-2005 Head Coach U-13 to U14 Boys Rev
*2013-2014 Head Coach U11 to U-12 Boys UPSC

Overall accomplishments:
Took 4 different high school programs to State Playoffs. Final Four 3 times with 2 different schools. Final 8 of state 6 times.

What is your favorite thing about coaching soccer?
Player and Team development. Most coaches see the team mostly I love seeing the team as individuals and helping each individual improve.

What teams do you support?
I am a homer so Sounders and US National Teams.

Do you have any hidden non-soccer talents or abilities?
No, just love all sports but mainly soccer and played high level racquetball.

What is your coaching philosophy?
Kids need to grow and develop but soccer is a game and must be FUN! I believe in possession style of play but allow for player creativity within that. My teams also play a very aggressive style of pressure cover higher up the field defending every inch of ground.