Planning for the 2020 - 2021 Season

There is a chance that the phased reopening of the State will allow youth sports to resume in June. We are hopeful to kick‐off the upcoming season at that time. However, due to COVID‐19 and the uncertainty of when youth sports can resume, fees for June and summer tournaments are not included in the registration costs. If youth sports is an approved activity to resume in June and teams begins
practicing and training, the coach and team manager will work directly with families to collect June coaching fees.

We anticipate all Sparta teams to be training by July with continued modified and best social distancing practices in place. Coaches will jointly decide with their teams and families if they will participate in a 2020 summer tournament. Again, the coach and team manger will work directly with families to collect tournament fees due at the time of the team registration. Here is what you can expect for this upcoming
season's registration costs:

Registration U9/U10 U11-U12 U12/WNPL U13-U17 U12-U17/WNPL
May 20 - April 21 $950 $1,100 $1,250 $1,100 $1,300

Considering that it is a very real possibility that there may be a interruption to the 2020/2021 season, we summarized that portion of the registration that will be refundable, potentially refundable, or not at all refundable. These refund methods would only apply if the season is effected by something similar to the current stay home order.

Not Refundable (15%)
Upfront fees paid and purchases that are immediately sunk cost or associate with full season contracts that covers the expenses below:

Player insurance and player card registration fees
Administration costs

Potentially refundable (10%)
This highly depends on the refunds the club may receive, the club can redistribute for the following fees:

PSPL League Fees
State Cup entry fee

Refundable (75%)
Reasonably feasible because these are "pay as we go" charges

Training fees; coaches' stipend, practice field rentals
Game fees; referees, game day field rentals

2020 Summer Tournaments

Each player is responsible for their own travel expenses to games and tournaments. Additional tournaments may be added as an additional team expense with approval of Director of Coaching (DOC), coach and team. Costs associated with all additional tournaments must be paid through fundraising or collection of additional fees from the players to the team manager.

Please note if teams decide to enter in to a 2020 summer tournament:

1. Make sure to read the fine print carefully - there are many tournaments that have a no refund policy. If there is another Stay Home, Stay Healthy order in place after you pay, it's likely you may not receive a refund.
2. Develop a clear understanding with your coach and team manager regarding their expectations for providing payment prior to a tournament.

Registration and Payment Methods

Please register your player for the Sparta Tacoma Soccer Club (STSC) team using the registration link in the navigation to the left. This indicates your player's intent and commitment to participate in the upcoming season without the financial commitment.

Club fees may be paid online with a credit/debit card. You have the can select the "pay in full" or "payment plan" option.

8 Installment Plan ‐ due by July 15th, 8 payments of the fee balance due monthly on the 15th of the month. There is a convenient option set this up as an automatic payment.

Delinquent Payments

If a payment is not made by the 30th of the month, a player's status becomes ineligible and as a consequence, he/she may not practice or play in games, and the player card is pulled until payment is made and the player's status becomes eligible.


If you are planning to apply for a scholarship, please select the 11 Installment payment plan to pay the registration fee and contact the Club Treasurer to move the second payment of your payment plan to the end. The scholarship application can be found on the club website here. Any awarded scholarships are applied to the registration fee only.

Refund Policy

The Sparta Tacoma Soccer Club (STSC) forms new teams immediately after tryouts each year. STSC fees are based on the commitments made by players/parents at this time. Registration fees are due at the time of commitment to a team immediately after tryouts regardless of when the playing season begins (as in the case of high school age girls who play spring season only).

Players are expected to make a full year commitment to STSC once a player is registered (May through April) and includes paying training fees for the entire year. Because STSC makes commitments to teams and coaches at this time, a player's financial commitment is also expected at the time registration. A player will not be placed on a team until all necessary paperwork and/or fees are paid.
If a player leaves the team mid‐season, no refunds will be issued once a player has committed to and registered for a team. This NO REFUND policy allows STSC to honor the financial commitments made to our coaching staff as well as guarantee the viability of each team.

STSC will only transfer players into and out of other STSC teams in mid‐season if all parties involved agrees on the terms of the transfer. If a player decides to leave a STSC mid‐season, NO REFUNDS will be issued. Full year team fees must be paid before a player will be released from STSC. Players may transfer between different STSC teams at any time of the year upon the approval by the Director of Coaching (DOC).

Thank you in advance for your flexibility and understanding as this is an uncertain and everchanging time. As there are updates provided by the Governor and the local health authorities, these will guide our decisions for the upcoming season and we will make changes as needed. Our players' safety is first and foremost and I am committed doing what's best to keep everyone safe and healthy. We're in this together, Sparta!