Girls 2003

Red Hometown:
Born in Ft Riley, Kansas. Grew up in Juanita, Washington. I've been part of the Tacoma Community since 1983

Other Job:
Pharmaceutical Sales

Licenses and credentials:
USSF E License
NSCAA National Diploma
Coerver Youth Diploma

How did you get into coaching?
I got into coaching in 2004 when my son started playing; I was the only parent with any soccer background...and my father coached me for a stretch of my youth, so it seemed natural. Initially, that was a 4 month stint, and then on to coaching the next sport. By 2012, I was coaching my son and daughter year round for Sparta, and continuing to learn as a coach every moment I am out there.

Coaching Career highlights:
Moving our team from the lowest division of U10 PSPL to the Super League within a year; qualifying for NW Champions League

What's your favorite thing about coaching?
When a concept (typically tactical) sticks; the moment the light bulb goes on in a player's head and everything you have trained for comes together.

What's the best advice you ever got from a coach?
"Change of pace, change of direction."

What teams do you support?
Arsenal and the Sounders

Do you have any hidden non-soccer talents or abilities?
I'm pretty funny...but most people know that.

What is your coaching philosophy?
Have fun, work hard, get better every day, enjoy your teammates, focus, build a high soccer IQ, and prepare for the next level.