Hometown: Chicago, IL - Tacoma for 23 years
Profession: Nortac & Sparta Director of Coaching

Licenses and credentials:

  • USSF National C & National Youth Licenses
  • NSCAA Advanced National License
  • Austrian Soccer Federation Nachwuchsbetreuer (youth coaching license)
  • Landesverbandtrainer (Adult coaching license)

Coaching Career highlights:
So many great experiences over 24 years of coaching. Here are
three of my favorites ...

  • Winning the Washington State Youth Soccer Premier One Championship with the Norpoint87 Wolves in 2001
  • Coaching one of the first two youth teams for the USL Seattle Sounders
  • Spending 10 years as a coaching instructor for Washington Youth Soccer

What's your favorite thing about coaching?
Seeing my players using their brains to solve soccer

What's the best advice you ever got from a coach?
Always ask questions and never stop
learning. If you think you know everything, you are finished learning anything new.

What teams do you support?
Borussia Dortmund and Sounders F.C.

Do you have any hidden non-soccer talents or abilities?
I speak fluent German and used to be a
full time watercolor artist before I got into coaching.

What is your coaching philosophy?
I'm a big fan of Johan Cruyff, who said "soccer is a game you
play with your brain". I advocate a possession style of play that favors skill and intelligence over brute force and athleticism. I want to coach teams that are fun to play in and fun to watch. Otherwise, what is the point?