2019-20 Coaching Staff for the Sparta Select Program

Below are the planned coaching assignments for the 2020-2021 season. Tryouts may results in more teams, and coaches will be assigned appropriately.

NorTac encourages players to play "on age" and would like to see as many players go "on age" as possible. Players will be able to make their own choices as to where to try out. Coaches will make the final decisions about who to accept on their team.

Director of Coaching, Scott Nelson
Sparta Manager, Shawn Findley

GIRLS Age Groups

Team Head Coach
2012 Sparta G12 Red & White John Sinykin
2011 Sparta G11 Red & White Steve Kingston
2010 Sparta G10 Red
Robert Anderson
2009 Sparta G09 Red Russ Heaton
2008 Sparta G08 Red
Keith Beasinger
2007 Sparta G07 Red Paul Stout


BOYS Age Groups Team

Head Coach
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2012 Sparta B12 Red & White Alexi Salvador
2011 Sparta B11 White Robert Anderson
2011 Sparta B11 Red Robert Anderson
2010 Sparta B10 White Dennis Pichette
2010 Sparta B10 Red
Dennis Pichette
2009 Sparta B09 White Scott Nelson
2009 Sparta B09 Red Scott Nelson
2008 Sparta B08 White Trevor Schuler
2008 Sparta B08 Red
Dave O'Neill
2007 Sparta B07 White Steve Shortencarrier
2007 Sparta B07 Red Keith Beasinger
2006 Sparta B06 White Jose Ramos
2006 Sparta B06 Red Jose Ramos
2005 Sparta B05 Red Jose Ramos
2004 Sparta B04 Red Jose Ramos
2003 Sparta B03 Red Dino Basil
2002 Sparta B02 Red Cory Hoffman