COVID-19 Exposure Protocol

Potential COVID-19 Team Exposure Protocol

If you feel anyone in your family may have been exposed or contracted the virus, please notify your coach and team manager.

Club/Team Communication

It is player and staff responsibility to communicate potential exposure or confirmed exposure to their team coach and manager.

Manager or coach will inform the entire team and Nortac's Director of Coaching (Scott Nelson, 253-223-3655) when a player or staff member is potentially exposed, exposed, presumed positive or tests positive. Pertinent details such as dates should be included in the communication.

Team coach or manager will have primary communication responsibility. Nortac Board may also communicate with families as needed.

When permission is granted by player/staff member, name will be included in communications for accurate tracing of potential exposure.

Distancing and When to Pause Practice

Concern for exposure under the CDC guidelines is being within 6 feet of someone with the virus for 15 minutes or longer.

If teams follow Nortac's Back-to-Play Plan, exposure during training is greatly decreased.

If a player/staff member is exposed to an infected person based on the guidance above, they shouldn't participate in Nortac activities until they get a negative test result or for 14 days with no symptoms.

Depending on exposure to the team by positive or presumed positive player, coaches and families may agree to pause practice to further stop the spread.

COVID-19 Resources