Age Chart - Boys and Girls (Starting May of 2016)

Starting in the Fall Season of 2016, age charts will be GREATLY simplified. Age groups will be by birth year. Ye ole age chart will be a thing of the past. There may be some attempt to carry on the tradition of describing age groups as 'U11'. Some groups will try to discuss 12 and under. Try to see past that and look for and indicator of birth year. For example, B05 would indicate boys, born in 2005 or earlier.

Remember, you can always play up. A player born in 2006 can play in a 2005 age group. When playing up, we recommend only doing so if you are a strong player in the 'up' team (a consistent starter). Please consult with your coach for advice about 'playing up'.

We will use team naming conventions design to help. In the Sparta (select) program. All teams will be named something similar to Nortac Sparta B05 Red. Nortac is the club, Sparta is the program, B05 is gender and birthyear, and Red is used to differentiate where multiple teams may exist. For Recreational, we suggest something like Nortac Leopards G05.